The Koovers Affiliated Service Centres are carefully hand-picked using a 75-point valuation system. They are the best in post-warranty servicing in your city and are powered by Koovers Digital Technology. Which means, they come with all the merits of an OEM Dealer Service and yet offer the kind of affordable, personalised service you really deserve. Whatever the car make or model, at Koovers Network, it will be cared for, reliably and transparently.

Partner With Us

Bring international standards to your car service centre and be part of a growing, professional network. Becoming part of Koovers Network instantly delivers a string of unmatched benefits to your business - through Technology, Parts Supply, Marketing and Service Additions. The association also gives you sustained customer loyalty and constantly increasing customer base.

Innovative Model

Koovers is a revolutionary concept that intends to bring customer-centric focus, value, reliability and transparency back into the car maintenance process with the aid of technology.

Growth & Sustainability

With a growing network of service centers and technology integration, in addition to the varied range of value added services, Koovers offers a sustained business model with scope for growth.


We are driven by our mission to build trust and bring the customer back into focus in the increasingly alienated car service industry. Technology provides a great avenue for a one-one to interaction with the customer and understand their need.


We are open to mutually beneficial alliances. Such arrangements, spread across verticals, with partners sharing common objectives, will cater to the growing demand for a value oriented, reliable and friendly service network.

Partner with us