As your car ages, at some point or the other, you will inevitably find rust somewhere on the body. Rusting is almost unavoidable on an aging vehicle and it’s heartbreaking to see it happening to your car. But there are ways you can prolong rusting on your car by taking appropriate measures.

With the right maintenance and products, your car will stay rust proof for a longer period of time and will also save you money on repair and repainting.


Check out the 4 ways you can prevent rusting in your car:

Regular Maintenance

Regular car wash and maintenance does not just keep your car squeaky clean but also prevents it from rusting.

Even though dirt and debris do not directly cause rust, it certainly wears off the paint over time. Bird droppings and gasoline spill corrodes through the clear coat, paint, and wax leaving your car unprotected against rust.

This is why you need to get your car washed once every 2 weeks. The underside of your vehicle collects a lot of debris which can compromise your car. A thorough wash will help maintain your car’s shine as well as prevent it from any damage and or rust formation.

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Car Wax And Polish

A simple car wash might keep your car protected from rusting for some time but for the long run, your car needs extra protection. Car wax and polish not just gives a shine to your car, it also protects the paint from corroding away. Waxing also repels water and forms an extra layer of protection for your car.

You should wax your car at least 2 times a year to keep the car paint intact and keep your car from rusting.

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Rust Repellent Products

In addition to washing and waxing, you can also apply anti-rust spray to prevent rust formation. This is an extra layer of protection that can potentially save you the cost of repair.

Apply anti-rust spray in places where you suspect the metal is corroding and beginning to rust. It is better to get anti-rust sprayed beforehand from a professional. Ask the manufacturer to apply anti-rust spray at the time of purchasing.

If, however, you can see visible rust forming, simply scrape the rust with a blade or sandpaper and have that portion repainted. This prevents the rust from spreading to other parts.


Frequent Inspection

Inspect your car for rust formation on a regular basis. Usually, rust tends to form around the windows, wheel wells, fenders and on the underside of your car.

Look for chipped or bubbling paint on your car. This usually means rust has started to corrode right under the paint. If this is the case, you should immediately get it fixed by a professional because neglecting it is the worst thing you can do to your car.


Rust spreads very quickly when left untreated and can damage your car. It not only looks bad on your car body but it also decreases your car’s resale value. Therefore you should get your car repaired at the first sign of rust.

Even if your car is majorly affected with rust or corroded, you can still treat it. Go to a reliable service station and get it repaired.

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