When buying a car, we constantly brood over the selling price. Once you go over the performance, mileage, safety and overall budget, buying a car seems like a done deal. But an important factor that most people take into calculation is the maintenance cost of the car overtime.

The true cost of a car goes beyond the sticker price. Even before you buy an expensive car, you should know the maintenance cost of the same.


The Real Cost Of Your Car

The cost of maintaining a car is no joke. Did you know, on an average Americans spend 5% of their income on car maintenance and insurance? Car expenses does not stop once you purchase the car. No wonder, people in India prefer buying standard cars, it’s affordable to purchase and also to maintain.

Most people come to know the true cost of maintaining a car after they have bought it which might come as a shock to them. Therefore to make the process transparent, YourMechanic analyzed their own data to find out which car brands and models require the most maintenance over time.

This is a list of brands and their average maintenance cost for 10 years. The list ranges from most expensive to least.

According to their data, BMW is the most expensive car to maintain by far, with a 10-year cost of $17,800 which is almost 13 lakhs in Indian Rupee.

The data also found that Toyota was the best value for maintenance in comparison with all International brands.


Luxury VS Standard Cars

The data clearly shows the huge maintenance gap between premium cars and standard cars. The fact is the more high-end your car is, the more you pay to maintain it. And also with premium cars, spare parts aren’t always available in the market. The lack of genuine parts means you can only rely on the car dealers who charge much more than affordable car service centers. These extra costs all add up to cause much discomfort to car owners.

With standard cars, the maintenance comes in quite cheap and the availability of spare parts is higher.


The Koovers Experience

At Koovers, however we do understand the problem premium car owners have. From searching for genuine parts to general servicing, it is impossible to hand over such a big investment to any local mechanic. Therefore at Koovers, we have fully qualified mechanics with years of experience who takes care of your car no matter how high-end it is.

On top of that, with Koovers you save upto 40% on general car service both on premium and standard cars. Koovers provides professional car service at extremely affordable prices.

Not just servicing, every Koovers service station is well equipped with genuine spare parts of all popular brands. You will find all possible spares from brands like BMW, Audi, Volvo, Skoda, etc.

Buy genuine spares from Koovers or save upto 40% on car servicing. Call +91 8970029100 or visit www.koovers.in

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