Bangalore is in the midst of a big traffic congestion… for the last 10 years! Nothing has changed, neither the IT hubs nor the traffic conditions, both constantly on the rise.

Bangalore was once what we called the garden city of India. But the rapid growth in the IT sector soon led to it being referred to as the “the silicon valley of India”. With Tech Parks booming overnight, Bangalore has also become one of the most traffic congested cities in the country. Travelling from anywhere will take you an average of 30 minutes to 2 hours, whether it’s 2 kilometers or 10.

The present day Bengaluru has more than 13 lakh cars and 48 lakh two-wheelers in the city spread across 353 traffic signals which contribute to heavy congestion in Bangalore (source: Times Of India) and with poor public transportation facilities and connectivity across the city this number is ever growing.

Bangaloreans are heavily dependent on private transport because of the lack of public transportation, so there are high chances you contribute to this traffic congestion on a daily basis.

Naturally, people complain but even after so many years, the situation doesn’t seem to get any better. You surely complain about traffic at least 5 times a day all the while burning petrol and contributing to the congestion.

But there are ways you can help ease the traffic and contribute to a faster moving Bengaluru. Here’s how-


1. Start Pooling

It’s not a new concept, it’s been around for years especially after online transportation networks came to light. But pooling within the workspace is also a great initiative which should be taken up on a regular basis.

If you live nearby to your coworkers make it a habit of travelling together. It saves up on a lot of fuel and also means lesser cars on the road. Carpooling should be greatly encouraged especially in tech parks. Sharing a ride together not just reduces cars on road but also fights the problem of over parking in your office.


2. Use public transport

Bengaluru suffers from lack of public transport which is why it is understandable that the growth in private vehicles are massive. Metro facilities in the city does make it a little easier for people living on CMH road, MG road, Halasuru and beyond. Using bus and metro facility on a daily basis greatly helps control the traffic condition and also saves a lot of money. It is definitely on the cheaper side compared to cabs and auto rickshaws.

As much as possible, use public transport provided by the government. It helps reduce traffic and is more convenient mode of transport since it can occupy many people at a time.


3. Obey Traffic Rules

This goes without saying but obeying the traffic rules is extremely important for vehicles to move in an orderly manner and also helps to clear the traffic. Whether you’re in your car or bike, it is obvious to get irritated during heavy traffic but it requires patience and good maneuvering skills.

Do not overspeed or honk unnecessarily, it only irritates other drivers and co-passengers and doesn’t even get the traffic moving. Let the oncoming traffic pass at an unmanned junction. The important thing is to be respectful of other drivers and not contribute to the existing traffic.


4. Adjust your timings

Everybody in Bangalore who drives is well aware of the “rush hour”. Unfortunately even then, most people leave at the peak time contributing to more and more traffic. If you are facing any one of the heavily congested areas like Silk Board Junction, Marathalli, Bellandur, Hebbal Flyover the trick is to leave early.

Try and avoid the peak timings as much as possible. The rush hours usually last from about 8:30 am – 10:30 am. So if you can, leave before or after the rush hours have died down. This impacts the traffic greatly.


5. Work from home

Well of course this option isn’t available to everyone but if you have a choice, the best way to beat the traffic is to not leave the house!

If your office allows you, take work from home at least once every week. This will help you become more productive since you end up saving 2-3 hours in a day and not get irritated very early in the morning.


The much easier way to just shift to a place near to your office but that isn’t always the feasible option for all. Therefore it should be your duty as a commuter on the road to ensure your and your co-riders safety if you’re the one driving. Obey the traffic rules and do not be in a hurry to reach. Even if you hurry through one signal, you will get stuck at another.

So be patient, drive safely and keep in mind that if you cannot reduce the traffic congestion, don’t add to it.

The traffic jams in Bangalore may not seem to get better any time sooner but abiding by the traffic rules and being responsible on the road helps the traffic move smoothly.

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