Car overheating is every owner’s worst nightmare. From a sudden spike in temperature gauge to steam coming out of the bonnet, overheating can cause serious damage to your car.

Overheating usually occurs during the summer season, especially when you’re in heavy traffic. Continuously moving and stopping your vehicle puts a load on the engine which can cause overheating in some cases.

Therefore it is more common in hotter countries like India because of heavy traffic congestion and extreme temperatures.

Although hot weather is one of the reasons for your car to heat up, there are other reasons as well which results in overheating. In most cases, it is a dysfunctional cooling system that leads to overheating issues.

Anytime the car engine starts to heat, your car has an inbuilt cooling system that reduces the temperature of the engine and prevents overheating. So if your car is blowing steam out of the bonnet, chances are that the cooling system of your car engine has failed to do its job.


There are a few reasons why this happens:

Leak In The Cooling System

One of the main reasons for overheating is a leak in the coolant system. The cooling system consists of several different parts like the radiator, water pump, hose, head gasket and thermostat housing. A leak in any of these will prevent the car engine from cooling down.

In case of a leak in the system, the coolant level drops and the air is sucked in. This causes an airlock and stops the effective circulation of the cooling system, therefore, preventing the engine to cool down.

In some cases, it might be easy for you to find the leak and seal it off yourself but it’s better to take your car to a mechanic.


Blockage In The Coolant System

If there’s no leak in the cooling system, the next thing you’d want to check for is blocked hoses. Many times there is a blockage in the cooling system because of dirt and dust particles that has made its way into the coolant hose.

There can be a blocked thermostat which doesn’t open up when it should. It can also be because of the mineral deposit which blocks the radiator or other foreign objects that have entered the cooling system.

Any of these reasons can prevent circulation of the coolant fluid to the engine thus contributing to heating issues.

Flushing the system and refilling the tank will help you eliminate the problem altogether.


Broken Water Pump

Water pump helps to pump and circulate the coolant fluid throughout the cooling system. Therefore when the water pump breaks or has a leak, naturally the cooling system will not be in functional condition. A broken water pump is actually a very common reason why car overheats.

Problems like a leak, a shift in the pump shaft or an eroded impeller due to wear and tear can cause the water pump to not function properly.

Since it is an internal issue, you would need to take your car to a service station and get it fixed.


Clogged Radiator

The functioning of a radiator is very important when it comes to engine cooling. Its main job is to reduce the temperature of the coolant fluid by transferring heat from the fluid inside to the outside air, thereby cooling the engine. It also has an axial fan which draws fresh air from the outside.

So any leak or break in the radiator or a clogged fan will prevent the heat to escape your car and result in overheating. If unchecked for a long time this can cause problems for the radiator as well. Take your car to a service station where the mechanic will diagnose the problem properly.


These are very common issues that result in overheating but when left unchecked can cause serious damage to your car.

The first thing to remember when your car has overheated is to open the windows of your car and turn the heat on- this will expel the hot air from the engine compartment. Once your car is cooled down a little, bring it to a service station and get it serviced by expert mechanics.

Do not ignore overheating issues because it might cause your entire engine system to fail which means your car and your bank account, both will suffer.

Individual garages may not diagnose and tell you the entire problem, therefore always get your car serviced from a trusted source.

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