Winters are a tough season when it comes to car maintenance. Even though Indian Winters aren’t as harsh, your car still requires a lot of servicing and care to get through the season.

This season can be a little tricky because you don’t really know when the weather gets extremely chilly and fogs up your entire windshield. Especially if you’re living in the Northern parts of India where the climate remains cold throughout the season, you can use these 5 essential tips to prep your car during the winters.


1. Check The Battery Condition

Your car battery is most likely to get affected during the winter season. Since the car battery is the most important component of a car, it is essential that you take good care of your car engine.

During winter mornings, most car engine require much more electricity to start than usual and hence takes more time to warm up. In chilly weather, the gas line also freezes because the fluid inside thickens.

It is therefore advisable to get your car battery checked and replaced if needed by a mechanic. If you’re continuing with the same battery, make sure to clean and refill your battery cell on a regular basis.

Pro Tip: Stock a pair of jumper cables for those chilly winter days when your car refuses to start.


2. Inspect The Tyres And Tyre Pressure

This is common knowledge that you need to keep check of the tyre pressure all year round but more importantly, during winters tyres tend lose pressure rapidly.

Therefore maintaining tyre pressure is very important and requires a routine checkup. It is believed that tyres lose pressure about 454 grams (one pound) per square inch with every 10-degree drop in air temperature. Low pressure can also lead to premature wear in tyre and tread separation.

It is also a good idea to check for sufficient tread in the tyres and switch to winter tyres if required.


3. Get Engine Oil And Coolant Top Up

With the onset of winters, engine oil tends to get thicker and cause problems. If you’re getting your car serviced before the winters, it is better to opt for an engine oil with a higher viscosity as such oil will lubricate the engine well if you’re driving in extreme weather conditions.

It is also advised to get a coolant top up before the winter season. While in the summer season, the coolant helps the car engine to cool down, it also prevents the radiator water from freezing in the winters. The coolant has multiple purpose because it also helps keep the car cabin warm and cozy by warming up the air coming out of the AC ducts.


4. Defog Your Windscreen

Taking your car out in the morning is quite troublesome during the winter season. Not only do you have to deal with engine problems, on top of that your car windscreen and windows get completely fogged up early in the morning and reduces visibility.

There is, however, a simple hack to defog your car windscreens. Use the car AC to defog your windscreen by setting a higher temperature and directing it towards the windscreen. The car AC will dry out the moisture in the air therefore de-fogging your windscreens.

It is also a good idea in general to turn on the AC for 10 minutes every day throughout the winter season to keep the AC working.


5. Protect Your Car Paint

With the rise in pollution levels, specially in the Northern areas, the air health is decreasing in India rapidly. This does not only affect the humans but cars also. Smog and morning dew that sets up on your car contains sulphuric and nitric acid that gradually eats away the paintwork of your car.

Throughout the entire winter season, it is recommended that you regularly wash and clean the exterior surface of your car to prevent paint damage. Car waxing can help eliminate the harsh chemicals set on your car’s body.


Winter season calls for extra care and protection, whether it is you or your car. To guarantee a smooth ride throughout the harsh weather, it is advisable that you get your car serviced by professionals before the winters set in.

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